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We host healthy live webinars to inspire teams to become healthy, productive and focused, creating the right energy to thrive whilst working from home. Our physical health and wellness has a direct impact on mental wellness, so our focus is primarily on creating a healthy lifestyle to boost performance, creativity and our ability to perform when faced with adversity.

Inspiring, engaging & interactive live webinars that truly make an impact. Hosted by acclaimed sister comedy double act ensuring your employees are engaged as-well as inspired.

Clients include Barclays Wealth, Harrods, Barnet Council and Jagex Gaming to name a few!

Sharon and Lauretta have also been delivering their wellness talks at prestigious online global wellness events, sharing the stage with top leaders. Recent events include Advertising Weeks Powered Up and Women in Finance festival.


Webinar 1.

  • Immune boosting tips whilst working from home.
  • Demonstration of an immune boosting juice, combined with nutritional facts and benefits.
  • Why starting your day right, eating well and creating the right energy has profound effects on productivity, your ability to face challenges and increases your creativity.

Webinar 2.

  • Demo: Green smoothie that doesn’t taste like pond water.
  • Exercise tips and mindset for creating healthy habits in stressful situations.
  • How changing your habits can revitalise your life and improve stress management.
  • Advice on creating positive lifestyle changes that promote happiness and positivity.
  • The benefits of healthy habits and their effect on your life/work performance.

Webinar 3.

  • Healthy snack recommendations and demonstrations.
  • Sleep routine and the effects on productivity and wellbeing.


Learn to cook alongside Lauretta and Sharon, a nutritious plant based meal that tastes amazing and is good for you and all the family. This is the perfect team building event whilst working from home. It ticks all the boxes, promoting health and wellness and your teams have great fun cooking together!


Virtual Wellness Day

We host a full wellbeing day for your teams on line, including yoga, demos, amazing guest experts, cookalongs, wellness webinars and even stand up comedy to boost the immune system!

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